The BYTO Platform

The world is changing fast...
It's our job to help the industry adapt and innovate!

An Immersive
Mobile Experience

Mobile Ordering brings total convenience to your customers whilst giving you full control. Create beautiful digital menus which can help to Increase average order value by as much as 20-50%!


Know your customer and what they like through our rich data and analytics. Upsell and cross sell things they want to see.


Resorts, Hotels, Motels and Serviced Apartments: Digitise and expand your Room Service. Give your guests access to exciting Digital Menus with local, trusted venues, supporting your local community. Everyone wins!

Fast & Easy Payments

Secure and flexible payment options keep your revenue rolling in. Google Pay, Apple Pay or Card

Payment Methods


Our single platform brings it all together in a single pane of glass, built to make your lives easier. Whether it's delivery, pickup, dine-in or room service it all comes together in one single view.

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