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Frequently Asked Questions

I take pride in my customer service, won’t QR code ordering remove this?

We believe we can help you enhance that by giving you more time to interact with your customers.  Remove the need to rush or ask for orders and make every interaction about the guest experience.   

How does BYTO integrate with my Point of Sale (POS) system?

Our list of integrations with POS systems continues to grow.  We can also co-exist with your POS by directly integrating with your printers on site.

How do my staff receive orders from BYTO?

All Orders print directly to your printers on site and you can also use our real-time orders screen to keep on top of your orders.

Do you offer special pricing plans?

Whilst we already provide highly competitive rates, if you run a multi-site organisation with high order volumes we can discuss our enterprise plans with you.

How do I get paid?

It's all handled by stripe. Your funds are reconciled daily, and deposited straight to your nominated account. Easy.

Do I need to download a BYTO app?

No, you will never need to download an app. BYTO is a Progressive Web App (PWA).